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Industry News

Auburn continually updates our product portfolio, ensuring that we are offering the most current generics that are available in the market. What’s more, our commitment to consumer and product safety is unparalleled - we notify customers of manufacturer recalls immediately and our protocols align with FDA regulations.

Presidents Update April 2019
Fighting the Opioid problem

While it may at times seem as though we at Auburn are very strict with regards to our sales of controlled drugs, we feel as though we are simply acting responsibly. We do whatever we can to not only protect our license, but we also go above and beyond to make sure that we’re doing everything possible to see that we can to help combat the illegal opioid problem and save lives.

On October 24, 2018, President Trump signed a bill that we feel will accomplish more than the billions of dollars spent has done. Effective immediately, the DEA was required to give distributors access to anonymized information showing purchase history for all narcotics by pharmacy. We can now see how many dosage units pharmacies use of any narcotic.

DEA regulations require distributors to both know their customers and develop a system to identify and report suspicious orders. We believe that this will help our regulatory department make better, more informed decisions when reviewing customer requests for controls which should make our job and yours much easier.

In November of 2018 the FDA issued Mylan Labs a Warning Letter that has created numerous product shortages throughout the industry. Teva has now also received a Warning Letter at one of their large plants that may also create supply issues for some of their products. We have been working hard to find alternate sources for any of the affected products.

With Lannett out of the Levothyroxine market and Mylan having some supply issues, this is a great time to check out our prices on the Sandoz product. We have most NDC’s in stock and the prices are significantly less. Talk to your Auburn Account Manager for details.

We have a lot of new short dates in stock from Teva/Actavis, Amneal, Sun, Cipla, and others. Ask your Account Manager for a current list and remember -- check every week for some super low prices.

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Generic Product Launch Dates

Below you will find a list of anticipated new generic launch dates* along with the estimated availability. If you are interested in learning more about which items Auburn Pharmaceutical may carry in the future, please contact us to open your account.

Brand Name Generic Name # of players Estimated Availability*
SOLODYN (105 mg) Minocycline Hydrochloride 5+ February 2019
EMEND (injection) (150 mg) Fosaprepitant Dimeglumine 3 March 2019
TEKTURNA (tablet) Aliskiren Hemifumarate 1 March 2019
VESICARE Solifenacin Succinate 1 April 2019
*This information is intended to provide you with the latest industry news around generic drug launch dates. Please note, there is no guarantee that Auburn Pharmaceutical will supply the listed products. Product release dates are subject to change by evolving market conditions. Launch dates are anticipated, not guaranteed.

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